Create better, custom systems for your clients.

Ronald Willems, Project manager.

Maximise the results of your hard work.

Create a customised backend to provide your clients with the flexibility that matches their skills and fits their workflow.

Optimise the backend controls to help your clients to get the most out of Frontender. Your clients will enjoy working with it, and you can relax in knowing that your designs are implemented as you intended.

Build stronger client-agency relationships.

Same business, different tool.

Design systems and pattern libraries have become an established design and development tool in recent years.

Frontender visualises these systems even further by implementing the patterns and rules in ready-to-use website building blocks, or components. These components enable the not so design and tech-savvy to compose on-design, on-brand webpages.

Components are developed using regular HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so you just keep using the development stack that you are already accustomed to.

Be the go-to agency for your clients.

Increase loyalty and acquire more business by providing your clients with a complete web system to successfully advance their online presence.

Guarantee brand consistency by managing your client’s sites in a single, integrated system that has all the building blocks for current and future digital communications.

Increase customer loyalty.

Offer your clients added value by designing a library of complementary building blocks and empowering them with a tool that ensures consistent design and branding for their current and future sites.

Offer your clients a custom web system, a new means to manage their day-to-day online communication. Visualise your concepts and transform them into real products using your client’s actual content.

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Professional support.

We can offer professional assistance to our partnering agencies to help you realise your Frontender projects. We can take some coding off your back so you can focus on design and strategy.

In many cases, custom development may not be necessary as we have already created adapters (API connectors) for various services.

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We offer our partnering agencies training and support:

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Request a new feature.

We totally understand that every implementation introduces unique requirements.

Check with us to see if we have already anticipated that feature. If not, we look forward to hearing about your ideas about further improving Frontender!

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Designing and developing for Frontender will feel very familiar to your team. The power of Frontender is in the way web content assembles; combine components and data in an intuitive interface that requires no technical knowledge.

If you are a developer for the internet, you will feel right at home. Frontender uses a combination of open-source technology like PHP, Twig, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The Frontender desktop application requires Mac OS version 10.10 or higher. In the future, a release will become available for Windows. To host your web projects, you need a server with Apache 2 or NGINX, MongoDB 4 and PHP version 7.1 or higher. For more information, please refer to the online documentation or contact our consultants.